Brick Cleaning (Per Sq meter)


Brick Cleaning (Per Sq meter)



MINIMUM CHARGE ($250.00 + GST covers up to 50m^2 of Bricks)

Brick Cleaning, also known as acid washing is another one of CLEAR JET's speciality high pressure cleaning services.

Brick cleaning is the term commonly used in the construction industry to describe the process of removing mortar splashes and excess cement from bricks after the brick laying process has been completed. It is one of the last processes carried out on a building site prior to completion.


This process usually involves the application of an acid mixture to the brick surface to soften the mortar, this is then agitated with a scrubbing brush before the area is thoroughly cleaned using fresh water sprayed at high pressure. The acid, agitation and high pressure water gives the best results every time, and CLEAR JET's team of skilled operators know exactly what is required to get the best results from all brick types….even the hardest to clean compounds.


Other types of brick cleaning can include the removal of white stains on bricks (efflorescence), or the green tinge on cream bricks. (vanadium staining).


Both o f these stains can be easily identified by our CLEAR JET specialist brick cleaners, and can be quickly remedied with the application of specific chemicals and high pressure cleaning.

Whatever your brick cleaning requirements, CLEAR JET have the answer.

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