Paver Cleaning (Per Sq Meter)


Paver Cleaning (Per Sq Meter)


Paver Cleaning 

MINIMUM CHARGE ($250.00 + GST covers up to 100m^2 of Pavers)

Pavers are a great addition to any yard, the problem with outdoor pavers however, is that little by little, bit by bit, they fade, dirty, clog up and stain…and the process is all quite slow so you don’t really see it happen.


Until, one day, you look at your beautiful paving and realise it’s lost all its beauty, elegance and value.

But all is not lost, because with CLEAR JET's paver cleaning service, your paving can now have a second life, and in no time at all can be the asset it once was to your home!

No matter which pavers you have, where they are or what pattern they’ve been laid in, we have the paver cleaning and sealing solution that’s perfect for you.

Need some brick paver cleaning around the pool? No problem! Our unique hot water and environmentally friendly paver cleaning services will soon have them looking tip-top, and our specially-created paving sealer will both protect them for much longer.

Paver cleaning couldn’t be easier or more effective than with our “whirlaway” machinery and our trained experts. We generate our own hot water, and specific detergents are then mixed to exactly the required strength. These are then delivered in a way that minimizes mess and splashes, and maximises effectiveness by cleaning deep below the surface.

Once scrubbed up and looking like new, you might want to protect the newly-cleaned surface. Check out our Paver Sealing Service

We often get asked for this sealing when brick paver cleaning.


Call today and let CLEAR JET take care of your Paver Cleaning needs!

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